• Energetic Tools from Possibility Management

    You were not told...

    Each and everyone of us was born with a range of Energetic Tools. Most of those energetic tools are stored on your energetic Toolbelt, around your waist. They are waiting to be used through your 3 powers (Asking, Choosing, Declaring) of your Energetic Body (one of your 5 Bodies).


    Getting your Energetic Body online depends on you become aware of your energetic tools and using them on a daily basis to deliver your destiny.


    The first Tool is not on your Toolbelt. This is Tool 0.

    It is your Possibility Stone - for finding NOW,

    and for shifting your identity to 'Possibilitator'

    or 'Adult'

    or 'Experimenter'

    or 'Edgeworker'

    or 'Bridge Builder'

    or 'Riftwalker'

    or 'Dragon'

    or 'Seed'

    or 'Radically Responsible Pirate'

    or 'Earth Guardian'

    or 'Memetic Engineer'

    or 'Evolutionary'

    or 'Book Writer'

    or 'Village Weaver'

    or 'Subversive'

    or 'Gameworld Builder'

    or 'Intimacy Journeyer'

    or 'Man Maker'

    or ... ?


    Energetic Tools on your Energetic Toolbelt include:

    1. Belt Buckle - for centering
    2. Clicker - for declaring Grounding Cord, Bubble, Black Holes, etc.
    3. Sword of Clarity - for making distinctions
    4. Voice Blaster - for shooting external authority voices
    5. Disk of Nothing - for being unhookable
    6. Bag of Things - for finding nonlinear Possibilities
    7. Wand of Declaration - for declaring overall things
    8. Is Glue for making Stories
    9. Is Glue Dissolver for taking Stories apart
    10. Gremlin Chain - for owning your Gremlin
    11. Possibility Paint Brush - for assembling story worlds
    12. Hammer Of Assertion - for establishing and expanding new space
    13. Red Cloth - for letting the bull pass you by and conserving your energy
    14. Jakobs Ladder - for nonlinear space shifting
    15. Purpose Sniffer - for detecting the Purpose of actions and spaces 

    The first time I put my Possibility Toolbelt on was in a Possibility Village Lab. During silent sitting in the morning, all of the sudden the 13 tools hooked on to my energetic Possibility Toolbelt. They came down from above my head and slide smoothly, one by one, into their designated place with a heavy and clear 'klong' sound. I was armed for the day, and each day after that.


    The Possibility Toolbelt is a necessary outfit piece for any Possibility Manager to shift into your new identity.


    No one can use these tools for you.


    More interestingly... no one can stop you from using them.


    Just to let you know, there are additional energetic tools, such as your Spring Screen, your Gremlin Detector, Spinning Your Energetic Body.







  • NOTE: This website is a doorway to StartOver.xyz the massively-multiplayer online-and-offline personal-transformation game. It offers you experiments to try that upgrade your thoughtware so you can create more possibility. Your thoughtware is what you use to think with. When you change your thoughtware, you go through a liquid state as your mind reorganizes itself. Liquid states can bring up uncomfortable feelings and emotions. By upgrading your thoughtware you build matrix to hold more consciousness. No one can do this for you. No one can stop you from doing it. Our theory is that when we collectively build one million more Matrix Points we will change the morphogenetic field of the human race for the better. Please choose responsibly to read this website. Reading this whole website is worth 1 Matrix Point. Doing any of the experiments below earns you additional Matrix Points. Please use Matrix Code 13TOOLSx.00 to log your Point for reading this website.

  • 0. Possibility Stone

    Anne-Chloe Destremau's Possibility Stone.


    The possibility stone is your first tool. It is a necessary tool to complete the next challenges and experiments that you will encounter in StartOver.


    It is linked with the first of the 7 Core Skills for a Possibility Manager: shifting identity. We have experienced that to create possibility for others, it works best if you shift into a different identity than your regular "I am me". An identity that can be worth shifting into is the identity of a Possibility Manager. When you shift into the identity of a Possibility Manager, you carry and can activate distinctions that you couldn't when you were identified with your former identity of yourself (For example: Low Drama/High Drama, conscious/unconscious feelings, bright principles/shadow principles, etc...)


    You might have noticed that you easily and often get hypnotized by your own stories and other people stories. And all the distinctions, and real skills that you have worked for disappear like fairy dust when a drama comes around.


    That is why you are given a Possibility Stone at your first Possibility Lab. The Possibility Stone, unlike other energetic tools, has a physical manifestation in the form of a stone. But not just any stone, a Possibility Stone has been cleaned out of its former energetic purpose and connected to the Bright Principle of Possibility. Possibility Management Trainers do this treatment before giving it to you.


    The energetic power of the Possibility Stone is a reminder for your own power to shift identity. It reminds you when you smell, detect or are in a Low Drama situation, that something completely different from this is possible right now.


    For more possibility and experiments with your Possibility Stone, click here: DOORWAY TO POSSIBILITY STONE

  • 1. Belt Buckle

    Next Culture Symbol Belt Buckle


    Your Belt Buckle is a reminder for your center. It locates your physical center. When you put your energetic center on your physical center, you are what we called "Centered". You are centered on your Being.


    Modern culture send children to school. In school, children are taught to put their energetic center in their heads so they can think better, and memorize and solve mathematical problem. Their is other things you can do with your Energetic Center and before being initiated in "Being Centered", we often put our center in our mind or give our center unconscious to authority figure.


    The Belt Buckle is a reminder of where you physical center is. However, being centered does not happen with wishful thinking, it requires practice.


    For more possibility and experiments with your Center, click here: DOORWAY TO BECOME CENTERED

  • 2. Clicker

    Your Clicker is your tool for energetically Declaring, one of your Three Powers along with Asking and Choosing.


    Click your Clicker by snapping your fingers (it does not need to make any sound). Your gesture warps the energetic field so you can declare something that was not there before. Energetic declaration is not wishful thinking and it does not happen in your imagination. You actually make energetic declarations all day mostly unconsciously. For example, when you think and therefore declare "I am not as good/talented/beautiful/capable as this person" then energetically you cut yourself from your feelings, your voice, your intuition, your connection with Gaia and your Bright Principles, etc...


    Consciously declaring energetic structures is, for most of us, a skill that has been atrophied. Reclaiming this skill, you will be then able to notice when you declare unconsciously and then declare something else consciously. The two declaration will have different purpose. For example, with your clicker, you consciously declare your grounding cord (a cord between your center and the center of the Earth that acts like a lightning rod and works in both direction), your personal bubble of space (where you have your feelings, your energy, your information and not other people's feelings, energy, and information), your energetic work space (golden cube), and black holes, etc...


    For more possibility and experiments with your Clicker, click here: DOORWAY TO CLICKER

  • 3. Sword Of Clarity

    Probably one of the most important tools on your Possibility Toolbelt: your Sword of Clarity.


    Each and everyone of us hold more or less clarity. Clarity comes from experiential distinctions. Can you taste the difference between a strawberry and milk? If yes, then you have clarity. A strawberry is a strawberry and milk is milk.


    Clarity can be treacherous because having clarity gives you power, the power to choose. When you can distinguish between two things than you can decide "I want this, and I don't want that", and ... it doesn't mean you will. Having the power and using the power are two really different things. Having the power to choose comes from Clarity, choosing is the work of the Sword.
    Sharpening the Sword of Clarity can only happen when you use it. The Sword of Clarity is your tool to land distinctions in a space or in a person, to say "No" and "Yes", to say what you want and what you don't want, to clarify things, to make promises and keep them and hold other people to their promises or word, ... The use of the energetic Sword happens through the feeling of Anger. You use the conscious feeling of Anger to handle your Sword of Clarity.
    Beware, the Sword has two side: one side directed toward others and situation, the other directed towards your own neck. By experience you can't sharpen one side without sharpening the other.
    For more possibility and experiments with your Sword Of Clarity, click here :DOORWAY TO SWORD OF CLARITY
  • 4. Voice Blaster

    The Voice Blaster is probably the most underestimated tool at your Possibility Toolbelt! You so often forget to pull it out and blast away in the most critical moments.


    I'll explain. When we grow up, authority figures tell us things like "You are the best", "You are wonderful", or "You will never succeed if you are not good in school," "You will never be able to do that", "She is prettier than you are", "You are never on time", "You are not disciplined", and on and on and on... Because we need parents, teachers, coaches when we are young, we make those voices normal for us. We integrate them in our system of how things are. We repeat them to ourselves. And then we forget that they were just voices coming from someone else.


    Those voices follow us when we grow older and we are still hooked by the praising and criticizing voices of our parents: "I am not good enough", "I will never make it", "I am better than her"... Voices takes us out of reality and into a fantasy world, sometimes powerful one. Some people has been lead to suicide because they believed the voices !!


    The best - and only, if you ask me - way to deal with voices is to shoot them with your Voice Blaster! Yes, you were born with a Blaster that shoots Voices. Now and for the rest of your life, every time you hear a voice, just shoot it: "Bang! Bang! Pweu! Pow! Prrrraaaaaa!,"no matter whether it is praising or criticizing. You can alternatively say what the voice says out loud or to yourself and then shoot it.


    The voices are actually not in your head, despite the common belief, they are outside of you and they are vampires energies sucking your life energy. They feed on your life energy. Want some energy back? Shoot them, as much as necessary, sometimes it might take 10, 20 or 100 shots for the voice to be so holy that it can fly anymore. Then you know you've won! Congratulations! One down, hundred more to go!


    For more possibility and experiments with your Voice Blaster, click here: DOORWAY TO VOICE BLASTER

  • 5. Disk Of Nothing

    Mostly unknown, but extremely powerful tool against Low Drama Hooks tossed at you by Gremlins!!


    The Disk Of Nothing creates an energetic space of Nothingness when someone - in other words, their Gremlins - sends a hook over to agitate your Gremlin into joining in a Low Drama Gremlin feeding frenzy. Gremlins like to feed by creating Low Drama with other Gremlins, by attacking with passive aggressive hooks, spiky jokes, degrading comments, or nasty questions, etc...


    When you feel a hook coming, flash your Disk of Nothing (a ten-centimeter diameter gold ring with a Star-Gate-like silver-blue rippling surface ) and the Gremlin hook falls into Nothingness, the Gremlin try to pull on his hook to see if he caught anything and... Nothing. You and your Gremlin didn't fall into the trap.


    You might notice that when you start doing that, some people will stop hanging out with you and you can spend more quality time with others.


    For more possibility and experiments with your Disk Of Nothing, click here: DOORWAY TO DISK OF NOTHING

  • 6. Bag Of Things

    On the left side of your Toolbelt (if you are right handed), is your leather-like Bag of Things in which you can find anything that you need. Put your energetic hand in the Bag and reach for it.


    You can pull out of it new stories for yourself. You can find golden balls of your own energy and information. (WX108:1 Golden Balls). After a heavy process or when you feel empty of your own energy, grab one of those in your Bag, drop it over your head and when it hits your center, it will explode and fill your own personal space with your own energy and information. Do this a couple time until your space is totally filled up.


    For more possibility and experiments with your Bag Of Things, click here: DOORWAY TO BAG OF THINGS

  • 7. Wand Of Declaration

    You have the power to declare what is so by use of your Wand of Declaration. You have the power to declare what you are, what this is, what they are.


    When you think or say "I don't know anything about this", bing you just used your Wand on yourself to declare that you are not knowing; or "This is a computer" bing, you just made the complex wiring system enveloped in a silver aluminum cover that you are reading on "a computer". "This is my country" bing, with you Wand of Declaration you just declared that the piece of land that you are standing on is your country. Etc... Declaring what is so does not make it true, it is just creates or destroys possibilities.


    These previous declarations are unconscious, meaning they serve unconscious purposes. Now that you are aware that you have a Wand of Declaration and you can declare what is so, you can do this consciously, serving conscious purposes.


    For more possibility and experiments with your Wand Of Declaration, click here: DOORWAY TO WAND OF DECLARATION

  • 8. Is Glue

    Is Glue is a special kind of glue, but widely spread. Actually each of us has a tube on our waist and we use it all day every day. Is Glue is a story making device. Human beings we are story makers. You are maybe making up a story right now: "This website is amaziiiing" or "This website is bullshit, what are they talking about anyway?".


    To make a story, we take an object (like he or she, or my life, or his life, or this website, or my dinner, or anything!) and we glue it with an opinion, a judgment, a conclusion, a decision ("He is hot", "She is always blaming me", "My life is not like I wish it was", "My life is fabulous", "My life is pointless", etc... ) with Is Glue.


    If we make our stories unconsciously, without noticing that we are making a story, then often we believe that they are true. We can also choose to make story consciously and that is when our Is Glue tool comes in handy. Stories, whether we are conscious of them or not, are extremely powerful in our life.


    For more possibility and experiments with your Is Glue, click here: DOORWAY TO IS GLUE

  • 9. Is Glue Dissolver

    You can change your mind about everything. That is what minds are for, to be changed. It is your mind after all, you can do whatever you want with it. If you want to change your mind, Is Glue Dissolver is the tool you need.


    It could be that you have made up a story about something or someone, and then you decide that you've changed your mind about this thing or one. To change your story you first have to destroy the previous one. Your Is Glue Dissolver is like a window cleaner spray. Psst, Psst, and the Is Glue dissolve and your story is destroy. If your old story about this website was "This website is amazing!", then now, after spraying Is Glue Dissolver on it, you are left with "This website" ... "amazing". Now you can create a new story... Let's see... "This website is worth sharing with my friends during the next Possibility Team". Taadaa!


    For more possibility and experiments with your Is Glue Dissolver, click here: DOORWAY TO STORY WORLD

  • 10. Gremlin Chain

    This chain connects you to your Gremlin, this unconscious part of you that will destroy any space at any time for no reason. Your Gremlin, before it is initiated, protects you from changes and transformations processes. Becoming adult means taking responsibility for things you didn't know you could take responsibility for before, like your Gremlin.


    To enter adulthood and create the projects, the relationships, the family that you want, you will need to keep a close eye on your Gremlin. The Gremlin chain keeps him by your side, ready to jump at your orders, no at his own volition. With the chain, you tell him to "Sit" and remind him that you are in charge of your life no him.


    For more possibility and experiments with your Gremlin, click here: DOORWAY TO GREMLIN.

  • 11. Possibility Paint Brush

    This is probably the most powerful tool on your Possibility Toolbelt: the Possibility Paint Brush!


    The space determine what is possible (SPARK 16, SP016:1). If you want something that is not in the current space where you standing, one possibility is to paint to space where what you want is possible. One of the extraordinary ways of using your Paint Brush is to paint New Context. When you do so, the people around can experience and visualize this New Context. You've just created a bridge for something completely different to happen right here, right then! Is this magic? To one's magic, another's technology!


    For more possibility and experiments with your Paint Brush, click here: DOORWAY TO PAINT BRUSH

  • 12. Hammer Of Assertion





    For more possibility and experiments with your Hammer Of Assertion, click here: DOORWAY TO HAMMER OF ASSERTION

  • 13. Red Cloth





    For more possibility and experiments with your Red Cloth, click here: DOORWAY TO RED CLOTH

  • 14. Jakobs Ladder





    For more possibility and experiments with your Jakobs Ladder, click here: DOORWAY TO JAKOBS LADDER

  • 15. Purpose Sniffer





    For more possibility and experiments with your Purpose Sniffer, click here: DOORWAY TO PURPOSE SNIFFER